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"Airport Friends" ... Kuwaiti youth endeavor to disseminate volunteerism

Kuwait attaches much attention to young people who are able to play a crucial role in societal development, especially in the oil-rich country's strategy "New Kuwait" purposed to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future by 2035. Undoubtedly, initiatives and efforts orchestrated by Kuwaiti young people to sincerely serve various societal sectors are totally approved and backed by the government. "Airport Friends," a voluntary endeavor done by Kuwaiti youth to help travelers at airport, is well-placed in the list of these praiseworthy voluntary campaigns. In this context, for the second year in a row some 150 young volunteers have been catering for travelers at Kuwait International Airport during the busy summer season. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of State for Youth Affairs and Public Authority for Youth are the co-organizers of the much-appreciated initiative. Commenting on this effort, DGCA's Director-General Yusuf Al-Fawzan told KUNA that Kuwait and its people have been interested in volunteerism and humanitarianism, citing this Gulf country as having been designated as a humanitarian center and His Highness the Amir as a humanitarian leader. Highly commending the "Airport Friends", Al-Fawzan underlined that it is essential to spur and stimulate such initiatives that are unequivocally meant to promote and buttress patriotism. By so doing, Kuwaiti youth have become impressive models for others to follow in view of helping people just out of social responsibility, he pointed out. The DGCA chairman's advisor, Fuad Bushehri, boasted that the new entity, referring to Airport Friends, seeks to provide and train volunteers all the year in a sincere effort to promote Kuwait's international civilized place. The DGCA trained 80 male and female volunteers last year and another 150 this year, he said, hailing them as being able to work under stress during the busy summer travel season. The endeavor also aims at demonstrating the creative and special spirit of the Kuwaiti human element, and fanning out the sentiments of positivity and optimism at the airport, he added. On her part, Alya Al-Mutar, the coordinator of voluntary work at the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs, said the main aim of the initiative is to ease out overcrowdings at the airport and disseminate volunteerism and helpfulness. The volunteers provide their services to travelers through three morning, afternoon and night shifts, she added. Anfal Al-Kout, a team volunteer, said the group's role is centered on giving guidance, advice and help to travelers, especially the elderly and people with special needs. She elaborated that she made the decision to join the "Airport Friends" in order to spend free time doing humanitarian activities. Voicing pleasure to serve others, she said it is a good thing to deal with different society categories so as to raise public awareness about voluntary work.