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Statement by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Given that the role of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is to safeguard passengers’ security, safety and rights, in addition to ensuring the success and continuity of air-traffic in the State of Kuwait, therefore it would like to announce in this statement the actions taken with Wataniya Airways. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has conducted an investigation on the cases of flights delay and cancellation, and thereafter it corresponded with the concerned company and issued to it several warnings regarding the same. The Directorate also held a meeting last Thursday to follow up on the outcomes of the meeting held with Wataniya Airways on 1st August 2018 and the latest status of the company’s operations during the past months and the impact thereof on air-traffic and passengers’ rights. Accordingly, a last and final warning was given to Wataniya Airways, after a series of previous procedures, to rectify its situation prior to 5th September 2018. If the company fails to fulfill its obligations then the Directorate General of Civil Aviation will suspend the company's air-operator certificate starting from 6th September 2018 for three months as a preliminary precautionary measure together with obligating it with all financial and legal liabilities towards the passengers, followed by a permanent cancellation if the necessary corrective measures are not undertaken. Lastly, in dealing with this dilemma, the Directorate has committed itself to the highest professional standard, followed the legal process and applied the procedures as stipulated by the domestic laws, legislations and regulations. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation affirms to all passengers that it is keeping in mind their security, safety and rights, and will spare no effort to ensure the same. Also, the Directorate will follow up the commitment of Wataniya Airways with respect to arranging the return of all passengers back home, either onboard its flights or those of other airline companies according to its contractual obligations under the air-transport contract with the passengers.